Online Lessons

Jamming! Got the bandwidth but no live band?

RHM has just the perfect solution for you. We offer tailor-made Skype jamming sessions, where you can book a guitarist to compliment your creative drumming, or if you're in need of a drummer to help you perfect your bass strumming, it's all here at RHM and it all happens live in real time, whatever the combination we're your virtual connection.

Learn Music! You’ll NEVER regret it!
The same quality lessons with our tallented team at your covieniece.
You can live across town, and across time zones and still learn to plan an instrument via our online classes.

Benifits of stdying online:
* Career or hobbies advancement. Studying online gives you more felxibility.
* Lower costs due to not having to travel.
* Enables growth in Self-Discipline and Responsibility.
* Learn in the comfort of your environment.
* Self-paced learning. You can take it as quckliy as you like or at your leisure.

Distance makes no differnce!

Whether you're down the road or halfway around the world, Ross Howard Music now offers private music lessons to students of all ages and levels from all corners of the earth; all you need is a sufficient Internet connection and a music instrument of your choice. Take your skills to the next level by booking a Skype session with us.

What do I need?

A highspeed internet connection

1) A webcam, speakers and microphone
2) with an active account
(if you don't have Skype already, you can download it here)

Download Here

What is the process of having an online session?

• Click on this link to take you to our booking page:
• Review our calendar to find an available date for a single (30min) or double (1 hour) session that suits your schedule
• Complete our session booking form
• Wait for confirmation email from RHM together with payment link
• Make payment via credit card or EFT using the email link to our payment provider PayFast.

Lessons are 30min (single) or 1 hour (double).

• Have your online session from the comfort of your own home.
• Book another lesson or schedule a weekly/monthly lesson via email.

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Terms and Conditions
• Lessons will not be refunded due to poor internet connectivity, only rescheduled subject to approval
• Lessons cannot be refunded, only rescheduled. 7 days noticed required
• All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners

* Our Skype name is 'Ross Howard Music School' if you want to add us in the meantime.

Learn Music! You will
NEVER regret it!

Learn to play an instrument today at Ross Howard Music – a place where your dream is our metronome
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