1Do I have to have any experience to play and instrument?
No experience is needed and you will find that the beginning stages of learning an instrument happen quicker than you think. With the combination of great leadership of RHM tutors and your self-practice, you are bound to progress quickly.
2Do I need an instrument to practice on?
Learning an instrument is an exercise in muscle memory. Your body adapts with practice – its more about regularity of practice than length of practice time. Having an instrument to practice on is key to having this process happen easily. Speak to us: we can get you a great deal on an instrument to suit your needs. Lovemore Music does hire out some instruments: Saxophones, violins etc  [email protected]
3Do I have to do exams?
No, we don’t put pressure on anyone to take any exams; they are however a great way to track your progress.
4Do you give lessons at home?
We do offer this to clients who find it tricky to make it to our venues. Please ask us for options.
5I don’t live in South Africa but want to learn from one of the RHM tutors. How can I do this?
We offer lessons online over Skype. Please see the Online lessons page for more details. You can even live in South Africa and not live close to our centres, we can help you in this way.
6What type of dance lessons do you offer?
We offer lessons in Modern Jazz and Hip Hop at this stage. Dance-Pro is our curriculum put together by Pinto Ferreira. Please share your thoughts with us and we will do our best to assist you.
7At what age do you start music lessons?
We have a group class for young beginners starting at 3 years old. In this class, they learn about music and instruments and get prepared for making a choice in what instrument they would like to focus on.
8Do you offer drama classes for adults and children?
Yes, we have fabulous tutors in drama – we can offer classes in schools and at our venues in Olivedale and Bryanston.
9I want to be a voice over artist. Can you help me?
Yes, we can assist you. Please drop us an email.
10I want to better my presentations in the boardroom but nerves and other things prevent me from delivering a confident pitch. Can you assist me?
Yes, we do individual and group classes (if needed) in how to present a pitch with confidence or how to conduct or give a good interview on radio or TV.
11I have learnt how to play my instrument but want to learn to jam with another musician. How can you assist me?
We can help either online with jam sessions with an RHM tutor via Skype (see our online lessons page) or in person at our venues – or you can join one of our band classes where you are teamed up with musicians on other instruments with you getting experience playing parts in a band.
12Can you help with sound engineering?
We need help at our church/ school/ theatre. Yes, we offer a short course to assist you in your needs in sound engineering.
13We need musicians for our event – can you assist us with supplying talent?
Yes, we can assist with various options for your events. Please email us for more info.